My TOK Song

My TOK song is The Circle of Life by Cameron Twillie and Lebo M. I have chosen this song because the concept the song comes with represents my current feelings towards TOK: the lyrics describe the never ending cyle which is live – we live, we die and so on. In TOK we ask questions that lead to more questions in order to find the deeper answer.

You can find the song here

My First Impressions on TOK

Initially I didn’t know what TOK was and what it would be about. I thought it was an ‘extra’ for IB students and wouldn’t mean much in the log term. To then find out that in the IB scoring system it was worth less points than the others, I found it even harder to take the subject seriously.

I was very unsure of the purpose of TOK until my first lesson with Mr. Saha. From the first lesson I found out that it was meant to teach you to think differently about what knowledge actually was and to question what we really know. For a brief moment I was slightly intrigued by the subject.  However, as we dove deeper into the lessons the questions that were asked also became deeper, we began to question things that I believe that didn’t need to be questioned: How do you know that your name is your name?

I understand that the purpose of TOK is to change your way  of thinking so that you dont simply accept everything that is thrown at you and that is an essential part of knowing. The idea of not really knowing anything also intrigues me, how do you really know what you know? However, some of these things that we question, in my opinion, do not need to be questioned and should be left as they are. Apart from this I look forward to finding out what I do and do not know XD.